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SynPhony Features

Check out these pages for details on additional features.

  1. System-wide features
  2. Word Lists
  3. Readable Texts
  4. Check a Story
  5. Literacy Activities
  6. Nonsense words
  7. Reports
  8. Scope and Sequence
  9. My Library
  10. Track a student
  11. Assessments
  12. Settings

SynPhony Readable Texts features

The Readable Text page is useful in illustrating the concept of the decodability of a text. As a student learns more and more letters, they are able to read more and more words. This page will show you how much of an existing text a student can read at any given time. This can only happen if the language database has stored texts in the first place. To make this happen make sure that several letters have been selected. Then press the “Find Readable Text” button. SynPhony reads through all of the stored texts and will then display the most readable (or decodable) sentence it finds.

It will be very rare that suitable material for a literacy curriculum will be found with this tool, especially for the early lessons. Most texts that get used for importing into SynPhony will not be written for these purposes. SynPhony provides other ways to write material for the early stages of reading. Check out the Scope and Sequence page as well as the Story Checking page. They will be more helpful in creating phrases and short sentences for any lesson.

Readable texts controls

You can change the parameters of how it searches by changing the options on the toolbar. You can change the minumum number of decodable words each sentence must have before it gets displayed. More words will result in fewer results. You can limit the number of sentences to display per page. And you can sort the results in 3 different ways.

Page controls

If the results of the search are more than the results per page number listed in the controls then the program provides some paging controls. You can move ahead or back page by page, by several pages or skip to the end or move back to the beginning.