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SynPhony Features

Check out these pages for details on additional features.

  1. System-wide features
  2. Word Lists
  3. Readable Texts
  4. Check a Story
  5. Literacy Activities
  6. Nonsense words
  7. Reports
  8. Scope and Sequence
  9. My Library
  10. Track a student
  11. Assessments
  12. Settings

My Library

The My Library page is the place where you can print multiple pages of various content that has been generated by SynPhony's features. You can collect as many pages as you wish and then use the browser's built-in print function to either print them out to paper or even to a PDF document. The way you “collect” pages is to click the button labeled which appears in many parts of the program. It is usually located in the activity control panel which is positioned above the virtual page. In the reports page it is located in the Control Panel on the side of the page. When you click the button you will briefly see a message at the top of the virtual page that tells you the page has been stored.


My Library (first visit)

When you first go to the My Library page you will see the following:
The program indicates how many pages you can store; in this case I've stored one page. It also indicates how much space is available in my browser's local storage space. You can provide a name for the document as well as a description of its contents, if you like. The description is optional.



My Library with a document

When you click the button “Store data as new document” you will see the following:
The document appears as an icon in the space below. This document is available in the Library until you delete it (by clicking on the X on the top right corner of the document icon). When you click on the icon SynPhony opens up the document and displays the all of the pages on screen. You can slide the zoom slider to see more pages on screen at once. You can then press the “Print View” button which will produce a new browser window with only the content of those pages. Then you can use the browser's print option to print the document to paper or to a PDF document. Google Chrome has a built-in PDF print option. Other browsers may as well.

Finally, you can close the document by clicking on the “Close document” button.

Ideas for using the My Library feature
  1. In the Word List page you can store multiple pages of words with each page increasing one letter at a time. You can limit the number of words so that it doesn't fill up more than one page. This could provide a ready resource for literacy teachers or tutors.
  2. In the Literacy Activities page you could create multiple crossword puzzles per page and then store each page and create new puzzles for each page. This would produce a small booklet of crossword puzzles that you could print out as a literacy activity booklet.